The one thing I’d want you to understand about me and my art …

My art is the expression of quest to understand my inner world, to know (as best I can) the nature of God and the universe.

I don’t know if demons and devils really exist in the world, but as metaphor and archetype, the certainly do. The fearful, petty, vein and judgmental aspects of my own heart are reflected back at me in the darkest images. And while I’m grateful everyday for the gift of being, sometimes it just hurts to be alive. Art is an outlet for my struggle with the (my) human condition. To consciously come into contact with my most wounded and fearful aspects has been difficult and liberating.

Even within my most frightening images you’ll see light. In almost every painting and drawing you’ll find a flower, a pearl of wisdom or a ray of light. The symbolism of hope emerges in the darkest places.

My images are not a glorification of darkness. Rather, they are a humble bow to the full spectrum of our miraculous humanity.

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