The monsters inside my head

I did a sketch video that I want to share with you. It’s fun for me to record the sketch process. When I watch it after I’m done, I get […]

A Conversation for men about the human body

What Kind of Man Would You be in a Zombi Apocalypse?

If you woke up to a world where all of your long term goals had been wiped away by something like a financial crisis or a zombie apocalypse, who would […]

The art of self awareness – Finding the source of suffering

David Bollt is a renowned artist, tattoo artist and entrepreneur who achieved a great deal of notoriety for his work, landing him in the center of attention and in the […]

Nude Models and Model Society – David Bollt Interview

I wrote this in preparation forĀ an interview with Tripp Lanier of the New Man Podcast. I have been working my ass off for the last couple of years to make […]

Art or Porn? David Bollt on the New Man Podcast

Listen to the interview

I recently did a highly energized interview with Tripp Lanier of The New Man Podcast.

We talked about Model Society and explored why nude art is sometimes mistaken […]

The Bird’s Dream

A bird dreamed he was a person who lived in a beautiful palace.

In this dream, he would roam the corridors of his mansion, proud of all that he had built. […]

Bleeding for Art: About Tattooing

Devils and Angels – Interview

“Elegant and strange, these otherworldly beauties beckon us to realms of exquisite darkness and frightful light. A delicate harmony of contrast and congruence emerges giving birth to a new kind […]

An Enlightened Experience of Beauty

The universe is taking delight in its experience of perceiving itself. Why else would the universe organize into “beautiful” forms and simultaneously into living things that can perceive “beauty”?

Where is […]

A Wall of Gems

I dreamed that all the world, all the universe sat within an infinite sphere. I flew to the very edges of creation so that I could comprehend that which surrounds […]

Raising the Water

Inside every person, is the seed of tremendous potential. The best way to improve yourself, is to elevate others. The best way to shine as an individual, is to treat […]

Interview with Airbrush Magazine

The exceptional talent of David Bolt can be seen not only in magazines, at shows and on the Internet, but on human bodies as well as in the words he […]

From Hospice on the Eve of Arlene’s Passing

Reflecting on some of the times when being together mattered the most…

Through these last few months as Arlene’s cancer has taken everything from her one step at a time. Durning […]

Arlene Bollt

It’s my birthday.

Tonight with tears in my eyes I kissed the forehead of the woman who brought me into this world, and whispered a thank you in her ear. She […]

Custom Motorcycles – Interview

The art of custom motorcycles is reaching brave new heights. Just when you start to think it can’t get any better, something comes a long and you realize it’s just […]

Interview – Tattoo Magazine Europe

Q – Why did you get into tattoos?

A – The pain, the blood and the art has a mysterious romance and a magic that I am drawn to. Tattoos are […]

Reflections on Art: Interview

When and why did your interest in art first begin?

As a child I had a very dark imagination. I saw creatures lurking behind every corner. By drawing pictures of the […]