A Conversation for men about the human body

What Kind of Man Would You be in a Zombi Apocalypse?

If you woke up to a world where all of your long term goals had been wiped away by something […]

The art of self awareness – Finding the source of suffering

David Bollt is a renowned artist, tattoo artist and entrepreneur who achieved a great deal of notoriety for his work, […]

The Bird’s Dream

A bird dreamed he was a person who lived in a beautiful palace.

In this dream, he would roam the corridors […]

Bleeding for Art: About Tattooing

An Enlightened Experience of Beauty

The universe is taking delight in its experience of perceiving itself. Why else would the universe organize into “beautiful” forms […]

A Wall of Gems

I dreamed that all the world, all the universe sat within an infinite sphere. I flew to the very edges […]

Raising the Water

Inside every person, is the seed of tremendous potential. The best way to improve yourself, is to elevate others. The […]

From Hospice on the Eve of Arlene’s Passing

Reflecting on some of the times when being together mattered the most…

Through these last few months as Arlene’s cancer has […]

Arlene Bollt

It’s my birthday.

Tonight with tears in my eyes I kissed the forehead of the woman who brought me into this […]