A Conversation for men about the human body

What Kind of Man Would You be in a Zombi Apocalypse?

If you woke up to a world where all of your long term goals had been wiped away by something […]

The art of self awareness – Finding the source of suffering

David Bollt is a renowned artist, tattoo artist and entrepreneur who achieved a great deal of notoriety for his work, […]

Nude Models and Model Society – David Bollt Interview

I wrote this in preparation forĀ an interview with Tripp Lanier of the New Man Podcast. I have been working my […]

Art or Porn? David Bollt on the New Man Podcast

Listen to the interview

I recently did a highly energized interview with Tripp Lanier of The New Man Podcast.

We talked about […]

Devils and Angels – Interview

“Elegant and strange, these otherworldly beauties beckon us to realms of exquisite darkness and frightful light. A delicate harmony of […]

Interview with Airbrush Magazine

The exceptional talent of David Bolt can be seen not only in magazines, at shows and on the Internet, but […]

Custom Motorcycles – Interview

The art of custom motorcycles is reaching brave new heights. Just when you start to think it can’t get any […]

Interview – Tattoo Magazine Europe

Q – Why did you get into tattoos?

A – The pain, the blood and the art has a mysterious romance […]

Reflections on Art: Interview

When and why did your interest in art first begin?

As a child I had a very dark imagination. I saw […]