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Watch the video and see how the fractal dragon comes to life.

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Fractal Dragon digital fantasy art by David Bollt

Fractal Dragon

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Sometimes, I’m blown away by the incredible creative power of the world. As an artist I marvel at the artistry of nature. I see breathtaking beauty and mind boggling variation when I look at fish, insects, plants, animals and people. Life and all of nature seem to me like living self replicating fractals that are endlessly evolving.

The Fractal Dragon image is inspired by this evolving creative fractal that I see as the world all around me. The dragons are similar, yet different. Some are plain and some are majestic but all of them have grown from the same creative seed.

The universe is incapable of repeating itself. Creation never runs out of ‘ideas’ as it continually changes and offers new, ever changing iterations. I could paint dragons for a million years and no two would ever be exactly the same.

The video represents 8 to 10 hours of painting time compressed into a few short minutes.

Check out the video to watch this digital painting come to life.


P.S. The music that accompanies the video is a piano improvisation I recorded several years ago. There’s a stormy and energetic quality to the music that seemed like a good fit for the video. I hope you like it.