Bring flexibility, awareness and strength into your relationship with yourself, your life and others. Get one-on-one support and guidance to learn the perspectives and skills that you need to improve virtually every area of your life.

I have had mentors, teachers and coaches throughout my life who have helped me overcome my own personal blocks. I’m here to extend that same support to you and a few other ambitious dreamers who are looking for a little a push or some guidance. I take great pleasure in helping people cultivate deeper connections, achieve greater levels of success and generally become happier and more fulfilled.

I have been training as a facilitator and life coach with Authentic World since 2009. Additionally I have been engaged in a wide range mental, emotional and physical practices and have used my own life as a testing ground to see what works and what does not. I have become fluent in a wide range of transformational, awareness, meditation and visualization techniques to help you experience yourself more fully than ever before.

I offer simple and practical step by step solutions to personal problems that may otherwise seem insurmountable. In my experience most of the challenges we face in life and in relationship are the result of fear or shame based perspectives along with a simple lack of understanding. I’ll help you cultivate tools and self awareness that empower you to express yourself with confidence, to experience deep rewarding connections and to enjoy a profound sense of freedom, gratitude and purpose. My mission is to support you in realizing the life you most truly want.

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Many people simply want to create deeper connections. In my experience, connection, communication and intimacy can all be thought of as skills that you can learn. Most of us are not taught in school (or even at home) how to build amazing relationships. Most of us learn through painful trial and error, often without ever realizing what may be getting in the way. With a little bit of guidance and some support in developing new habits and new ways to communicate, all of us have the potential to bring our relationships to all new levels of depth and understanding.

Inevitably, the most valuable part of this is the that you can’t learn these skills without putting attention on your own process. Together, we take a close look at what’s going on for you, so you can clear blocks and embrace a greater sense of wholeness. The result is that you can have more of yourself available to experience your own life… as well as to support others.


With the right mindset and skills, dating, meeting new people and finding someone special, can be one of the most rewarding and growth-filled journeys of your life. As a course leader for the world famous Authentic Man Program and a leader of the men’s team for the Authentic Woman Experience, I have worked with dozens of men and women to give them the skills and understandings they need to enjoy dating and romance like never before. When you learn to relate to this important area of your life with confidence and authenticity, you’ll find that you can navigate new connections and intimacy with awareness and far more choice than you may have imagined possible.


As much as anything, people come to me looking for guidance around creativity and self expression. With a lifetime of experience as an artist, I have a deep understand of what it takes to fully embody your talents.

I understand as well as anyone that access to your full gifts can sometimes seem clouded and blocked. Bringing your idea into the world as a painting or even as a business project takes vision, discipline and an understanding of the creative process. For some people, creativity is a muscle they must develop through practice to make it strong. For others, creativity is more like blocked river: once they remove the dam, it flows like water. Through increased self awareness and presence, we learn to trust our creative instincts; we transcend the voices inside our heads that criticize and judge. Every individual has a different gift to realize and different challenges in the way. The process of unleashing your creativity will be as unique as you are … My job is to help you discover and embody your full potential in a way that is specific to you.

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David Bollt artist and personal coach

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Do you have passion and desire to create the life and career you want, but are not doing what it takes to make it happen?

Sometimes we have all the ingredients, yet have trouble putting them together. I’ll help you step outside of your comfort zones and become the version of yourself that you will need to be in order to create the success you want in your relationships, your career and the rest of your life.

Depending on your budget and level of commitment I offer several different coaching packages. Options range from $250 – $500 a month and include 4 to 8 sessions of 45 minutes – 1.5 hours of my undivided attention on you, your challenges and your goals.

If you are interested fill out this questionnaire and tell me a little about yourself, and what you are wanting to accomplish.

After you fill out the form we’ll set up a 15 minute session to see if it’s a good fit. There is no commitment. We can talk about budgets and time frames only after we discover we are inspired to work together.

“What impressed me about Davids style was his masterful use of phrase and imagery in his interactions with the men and women. Using these profound statements and metaphors created an air of romance into the process of introspection. I felt honored to be a part of this process of healing. David truly brought a sense of compassion and acceptance that was apparent in conversation with him. Oh… and he is hilarious.”
Emmanuel Kaunitz
“David was completely focused and committed to helping me and understanding me…. This was a massive gift that has been extremely valuable in helping me gain more self-awareness and a greater ability to connect.”
Marc Jacobs