Project Description


This painting had it’s public debut at the Tampa Bay FL Tattoofest. Each year I create a new image as the poster for this tattoo culture event.

Once again I was inspired to work with Aria Giovanni as the model for this antique looking fairy. Aria is a world famous pinup model and a classic beauty. She has been the subject of many of my images. There is something about her that easily embodies epic mythological characters. Something about this pose had me drawing from baroque and art deco influences.

This original life size painting was finished with windsor newton acrylic pigments and a protective gloss clear coat on archival artist canvas. A unique combination of modern digital, as well as classical hand painted techniques were employed to achieve a highly rendered style. For me, the modern sensibility of this painting is entirely new and yet somehow reminicent of Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau, as well as Carravaggio and other renaissance masters who have influenced my work.

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