Project Description


This was a breakthrough image for me as I was discovering new ways to combine digital and traditional media. The original image was created digitally and then printed on to artist canvas that I spent weeks detailing by hand. The final product is a hybrid digital and acrylic painting.

The goddess of Spring waits patiently for winter to end when she will emerge and spread green glory for all the world. She wears a gothic crown of thorns like a halo while roses paint her flesh with splashes of flowering pink. Spring is a celebration of the season of new growth and new life. She is an angel, a fairy and a nature spirit. She defies classification as a creative expression of life itself.

The model (who is now my wife) has inspired me to create an incredible range of characters since I was 18 years old. The spiritual love connection between Shay and I has moved me to explore images of beauty as well as broken hearted isolation. We have been together and apart through our many years and all along the way I have been making works of art as an expression of my heart.

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