Project Description


This image was created as the poster for the world famous TattooFest of Tampa, FL. There is a crisp realism to this piece that I loved exploring. To me, she seems like she could leap out from the surface of the image and into real three dimensional space.

Wasp was inspired by Sera Ciminno who appears as the model in some of my favorite images. When working with Sera she takes on the personality of all kinds of imaginary characters and pretends to be a fairy, or a devil or a strange alien creature. The expressive qualities of her modeling inspires all kinds of exciting ideas. Sera has quite a few fans who come to me asking for more.

I have done posters for the Tampa TattooFest for nearly 15 years and Sera has appeared as the character model twice. I love working with her and have a feeling she’ll be appearing on future posters as well.

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