Sketchbook Print Edition


60 pages of never before seen images from my private sketchbook

My well worn sketchbook has been with me through heartache and loss, as well as on some great adventures through beautiful times. Amongst the dragons, faeries and monsters, are deeply personal and even spiritual drawings. Sketches are often more revealing than finished paintings. I went through stacks of sketchbooks and thousands of drawings to put this book together. The hardest part was deciding what to include.

Get the print edition – $34.95 (FREE US shipping).

This beautiful book is printed using HP Indigo commercial presses on glossy paper with 100# card stock cover. Each book is assembled using square cut perfect style binding for a gallery quality feel.

Or get the signature edition + two bonus prints – $57.95 (FREE US shipping).

I’m setting aside some signed sketchbooks and bundling them with two of my favorite fine art prints that appear in the book. Each 11″ x 17″ print comes signed and individually sealed in a crystal clear acrylic envelope with a protective mat board backing and certificate of authenticity. Scroll down for more info about the signature edition.

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Get the signature edition + two bonus prints

Some of the sketches in the book evolved into highly detailed paintings and illustrations. So along with the signed edition of the sketchbook, you’ll also get two of my favorite prints so you can see the finished art up-close. There is something magical about seeing how a simple drawing can take on layers of color, depth and reality.

Print 1. Heart of the Dragon Queen:

This image was created as one of many promotional posters for the world famous, Tattoofest. Aside from the original sketch this entire piece was rendered and colored with digital tools.

Print 2. Steadfast:

This larger-than-life mythical horse was hand painted with airbrush and acrylics. The size of the canvas allows for a dizzying degree of detail. My large format airbrush paintings seem to come alive as I work on them. Steadfast is a metaphor for strength and integrity. To me he looks as if he could march through a hurricane and remain true to his course.

Heart of the Dragon Queen