The Zombi King  limited edition silver pendant is based on one of my favorite horror images. I created the Zombi King as a poster for the world famous Tampa Tattoo Convention and then worked with the promoters to create it for tattoo artists. The original cast was modeled by hand from the painting. The amount of detail packed into a piece of jewelry that’s smaller than a silver dollar is amazing. The loop for your necklace is a totally separate skull, attached by a small ring. The pendant even includes the impaled heads from the corners of the original poster.

Aside from the one I wear we have less than 20 of them left. We only made 200 of these and most of them went to tattoo artists. I thought there were all gone, but we found a few recently when I was moving my studio.

When you purchase this silver pendant I’ll include an 11″ x 17″ print of the Zombi King artwork.