The universe is taking delight in its experience of perceiving itself. Why else would the universe organize into “beautiful” forms and simultaneously into living things that can perceive “beauty”?

Where is beauty? Is it out there in the world? Or is it inside of us as we experience it?

Beauty and the experience of beauty manifest simultaneously. You can’t have one without the other. There is only as much beauty in the world as any one person’s capacity to experience it. Do I experience the world and my life as an inexpressible miracle exactly as it is? Or do I suffer the distance between what is and how things “should be”?

What stands between people and the capacity to open fully to beauty? Shame, advertising, judgment, projection, fear, pain, contraction, hypnosis, illusion, etc.

If a fully realized experience of beauty is clear water, then the ways I don’t experience beauty can help me discover exactly how the water I’m swimming in is cloudy.

Beauty is a meditation. To what extent can you open yourself to the beauty of what is? It’s the same question if you are experiencing a beautiful man/woman or a sunset.

The opportunity is to clear shame and judgments so we can see ourselves and each other (humanity) as a work of art. From the hot model to the aged homeless person down the street, every grain of sand is a gem; every human is a treasure. Even someone who is a shitty asshole is a miracle. It’s pretty amazing that the universe made itself aware as a shitty asshole, and that I have the capacity to create that interpretation.

Great art and beautiful images can give us something powerful to meditate on. They can help us clear the muddy water. By looking closely at how we experience beauty, we can unlock our individual capacity for profoundly deep states of appreciation.

This is why I’m inspired to create Model Society.