Devils and Angels – Interview

"Elegant and strange, these otherworldly beauties beckon us to realms of exquisite darkness and frightful light. A delicate harmony of contrast and congruence emerges giving birth to a new kind of Goddess." Q: Could you explain your fascination with devils and angels? A: Devils and angels have become the symbolic embodiment of good and evil.

Interview with Airbrush Magazine

The exceptional talent of David Bolt can be seen not only in magazines, at shows and on the Internet, but on human bodies as well as in the words he uses to describe his work and his experiences. The airbrush, while not his standard media these days, is one of his favorites. Although most of

Arlene Bollt

It's my birthday. Tonight with tears in my eyes I kissed the forehead of the woman who brought me into this world, and whispered a thank you in her ear. She had a rough day. She was sleeping. I watched her sleep. Her brow was troubled and only sometimes would it soften and relax. Arlene