The Bird’s Dream

A bird dreamed he was a person who lived in a beautiful palace. In this dream, he would roam the corridors of his mansion, proud of all that he had built. His fortress of security and strength protected him from the dangers of the outside world. In the dream, time started to move faster. Years

Bleeding for Art: About Tattooing

My personal journey making art on paper and canvas, has run parallel to an exploration of making art in human skin. My vision as and artist was forever changed and awakened by my time as a professional tattooist. As a tattoo artist I came out of my shell and worked intimately with thousands of people.

Devils and Angels – Interview

"Elegant and strange, these otherworldly beauties beckon us to realms of exquisite darkness and frightful light. A delicate harmony of contrast and congruence emerges giving birth to a new kind of Goddess." Q: Could you explain your fascination with devils and angels? A: Devils and angels have become the symbolic embodiment of good and evil.

An Enlightened Experience of Beauty

The universe is taking delight in its experience of perceiving itself. Why else would the universe organize into "beautiful" forms and simultaneously into living things that can perceive "beauty"? Where is beauty? Is it out there in the world? Or is it inside of us as we experience it? Beauty and the experience of

A Wall of Gems

I dreamed that all the world, all the universe sat within an infinite sphere. I flew to the very edges of creation so that I could comprehend that which surrounds everything. I saw millions upon millions of radiant gem stones set into its sparkling surface, each one as rich and deep as an ocean. As

Raising the Water

Inside every person, is the seed of tremendous potential. The best way to improve yourself, is to elevate others. The best way to shine as an individual, is to treat people with respect and compassion. I have met some very talented people who seem to think that by putting others down and making them feel